Meet the St. Catherine Team

Dr. Ann Zeches


23 years ago, a career change led to my passion, educating young people for a lifetime of success. Since that time, I have watched 100s of students blossom into outstanding young people helping to make our world a better place. Having lived in Arizona my entire life until last summer, I am enjoying the change of seasons and a bit of the snow. I look forward to helping enrich the lives of the St. Catherine of Siena students. My life has been blessed by my husband, two children, their spouses, and a wonderful grandson.

Laura Trujillo

School Secretary

I wear many hats here but my main position is Administrative Assistant to the principal. I love St. Catherine! My favorite part is working with the children.

Laura Rosenberger

Preschool Director

As the Director of the preschool program at St. Catherine of Siena School, I am blessed to work with inquisitive, loving, and fun children who enjoy learning and each other. The amazing preschool staff, families, school faculty, and principal enrich our school and strengthen our sense of community. Early Childhood Education has been my passion over the past 20 years in the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic schools.

Laura Kolenc


For the past 20 years, I have been teaching young students.  As an educator, it is so enjoyable to see the daily excitement and enthusiasm of the students when it comes to learning new things.  St. Catherine’s faith-filled community is extra special to me.  It is such a blessing to be teaching in a Catholic setting where Jesus leads the way.

Mary Elizabeth Rice

First Grade

My passion for being in education is seeing a child’s face light up when learning something new or finally understanding a concept after a long time of grappling with the topic. Our Holy Mother brought me to St. Catherine of Siena on the feast of the Assumption of our Lady in 2018 for a mission to shape the minds and hearts of a younger generation. The Lord has prepared me for this mission as a mother of seven children.

Susie Karamaroudis

Second Grade

Educating children to become competent, kind, and honorable adults is such an important job. Teaching is my opportunity to try to make a difference in children’s lives and positively influence their future. St. Catherine of Siena has been my home ever since I brought my daughter here 23 years ago. It has been a joy teaching in this wonderful community. I love spending time with my family but an afternoon alone with a book every so often is a close second.

Eileen Heilman

Third Grade

It is my belief all students should be given the opportunity to learn in an active, engaging, fun, and positive classroom environment. I didn’t choose St. Catherine, the St. Catherine community chose me. The moment I walked through the blue doors, I knew I was answering God’s call. From working at Nike WHQ in Beaverton, Oregon to teaching third grade at a small Catholic school in a north Denver neighborhood, I had absolutely no idea this would be what God intended for me, but I can’t imagine a more perfect place to call home.

Maria Coleman

4th Grade

As a New Zealander, I am a wife to a deacon, mother of six children, and the fourth-grade teacher at our great school! In college, I came to the realization that education is a powerful tool to improve the lives of many and ultimately to live in a better world. It is my honor to educate at St Catherine of Siena because sharing the Catholic faith is of utmost importance to me. The opportunity to form young people as Catholics with a Catholic worldview is a privilege. St. Catherine’s is a special place to belong to because of its unique family feel.

Jen Feldman

Middle School Language Arts

I have been in the education system for a total of 15 years. I have a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education. My husband, Bill and I have 5 children with the last finishing college this year. We have 4 grandchildren so far and a 5th due in April. I love teaching, reading, and skiing.

Trang Nguyen

Middle School Science & Vietnamese

Education is my passion because I believe that each child plays an essential role in the future of our world. I love sharing with others the experience of discovery of the world around us through the exciting lens of science. St. Catherine’s community is my home because of the climate of family, generosity, love, and support of both through faith and academics; which, for me, is an atmosphere of what God meant by His kingdom on earth .I am a wife and mother of four, and my favorite thing to do is engage in praise and worship of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Rachel Knight

Middle School Religion

Education is my passion because I love the students, and I want them to know how much God loves them.  As a member of the Community of the Beatitudes, I love sharing my faith with students and my own children who have been attending here since 2008.  

My lay vocation as wife, mother, and teacher is never boring and always worth it.

Patrick Boylan

Middle School Social Studies

As a second career, I entered education starting to encourage young writers. His passion for sharing his knowledge and optimism about the process is contagious. I often attend summer dance and music festivals where sharing my love for Irish, Scottish and New England style dances is exciting. As a writer, I have completed a number of plays and authored more than a thousand articles.

Annie Iossi

5th Grade and Middle School Math

As a teacher, I am here to help students succeed in non-traditional ways. Bringing life and energy into the classroom is a goal, and I believe that the classroom goes beyond the four physical walls. The St. Catherine of Siena is a school community rooted in faith, high academic standards, and family. I love to see our students grow as students and members of the Catholic faith in and outside of the classroom. Originally, from Iowa, I love to go home to visit my family.

Chris Tetro


Committed to student success inside of the classroom and in life, St.Catherine’s student body diversity is a great place for me to both mentor and teach those lessons. As a 16 year educator and a lifetime health and fitness coach, the exploration and mastery of physical, mental, and social skills are limitless and rewarding. My approach includes the development of motor and social skills, the appreciation for rules and those of a different background.

Grace Sherak


As a Catholic school alumni, and I love reliving my childhood everyday I come to school. My belief is education opens our students’ eyes to a world of opportunity, color, and imagination! I am blessed to have found my role at St. Catherine’s to be a mix of my passions in both the Fine Arts and Instructional Technology.

Maria Garcia


As a performing arts education instructor and Catholic music minister for over 20 years, I have helped lead choirs from Texas to New York, New Mexico, and now Colorado.  Music is a universal language that everyone speaks on some level, and her classroom philosophy is to develop each student to find their authentic voice.

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Contact Us

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Phone: (303) 477-8035
Fax: 303-477-0110